Hygiene with Chhota Bheem is a play-based curriculum designed to raise awareness of and encourage best practices for health and hygiene among young children.

Module 1

Handwashing with soap

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Module 2

Toilet use

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Facilitator Guide

Children immerse themselves in the world of Chhota Bheem and play hygiene games, activities, and even a mobile game based on the stories to defeat the fictional Germ Wizard. By completing activities and challenges children develop awareness and good hygiene habits, and join the ‘Bheem Team’ to help defeat the Germ Wizard in their own communities!Download
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Module 1

with soap

Hands spread an estimated 80% of common infectious diseases like the common cold and flu. But these disease-causing germs slide off easily with good hand washing technique. In Module 1 of the Hygiene with Chhota Bheem curriculum, facilitators will find the activities and games to play with children to help them discover the importance of hand washing with soap, learn what actions they can take to maintain hand hygiene, and advocate for better hygiene to their peers, family, and community.Download Handwashing
with Soap Guide
Module 2

Toilet Use

A clean toilet implies good health, status, self-esteem and well-being. Module 2 of the Hygiene with Chhota Bheem curriculum includes activities and games for children to help them discover the importance of having access to toilets, and the action steps they can take to counter excuses they may hear from friends and family for not using a toilet.
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Use Guide

Stories From The Field

The Hygiene with Chhota Bheem curriculum has been implemented with proven success across Tamil Nadu, India, and the impact is growing!

Children have demonstrated increased awareness and advocacy, parents are learning from their children and spreading the message to their communities, and educators are adapting the curriculum to their needs.


Download our Game

The Hygiene with Chhota Bheem digital game compliments the curriculum. Available on Google Play Store and the Apple app store, the game can be played on smartphones and tablets
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